At Trigger we have an in house media planning specialist who provides a dedicated service to compliment the overall campaign.

We are adept at advising our clients on how to utilise their advertising budget, drawing on research and experience to develop a comprehensive media plan.

We work to find the right media mix for each campaign and the best value for investment. We have experience in working with big budget campaigns to establish broad mainstream exposure as well as eking out small spends delivering to a more targeted audience.

In consultation with our clients we book print, online, outdoor, tv and radio advertising. Our media planner will take care of everything; creating and tweaking schedules, briefing designers,  scripting creative, editing materials and managing all deliverables.

Media Planning is an important adjunct to our publicity and marketing campaigns and it helps create a great synergy.

As part of an extensive online advertising campaign we booked a site take over with NZ Herald sports (seen here) as well as Stuff and Flicks skins. We also were involved in developing an interactive online game within our mobile advertising. The innovative creative features an immersive rich media gaming ad unit initiated from the banner ad. Using 3D rendering, the mobile game brings to life the film’s central characters and the world of Maori warriors to create an interactive and adrenalin pumping gaming experience. (Image: NZ Herald sports takeover)