As part of publicity campaigns we do offer the option to conduct a talent tour, either nationwide or in select locations.

We accompany the talent on the road to facilitate media interviews and manage all aspects of the tour from setting up the interviews to arranging public engagements, managing travel and accommodation logistics alongside the tour budget.  If required we also offer media training.

We have led many successful publicity tours – each one is different but all are a really effective way of reaching a wider audience, delivering a personalised message and engaging the public.

We conducted a nationwide talent tour with Bret McKenzie and Hamish Blake to promote the release of Two Little Boys. We visited the main centres to conduct numerous in studio radio and tv interviews as well as print press interviews and photo shoots – ending in a big press event on the red carpet in Invercargill, where the film was made. Hamish and Blake could be seen everywhere – including taking over as weather presenters on TVNZ!